TEYCO S.R.L. is a company founded in 2013 based on 23 years of experience of its founders in the world of mould making and injection moulding of technical items. The experience gained has allowed us to further evolve to establish Teyco, a company that offers itself as a unique partner for your product design, its development, its production and its assistance all strictly MADE IN ITALY. Italian technology, continuous attention to innovation and research of new product and production standards, flexibility and availability, in a simple word italian great professionalism. A new company that focuses on the value of the people who are united by a strong desire to do something new and better....our ideas ... your business.

the name TEYCO

TEYCO   is a term that in ancient greek means to createTO CREATE is the word that best sums up what we do: design, develop and manifacture.

TEYCO   is also an anagram of 5 words dear to us:
Team:   the moral and techniques qualities of the people who make up the company are in first place
Experience:   essential in order to guarantee a quality service
Yes, we can:   the right belief in ourselves
Competence:   knowledge of all phases of creating
Ok:   how everything must be


Having accumulated over the years vast experience in the distribution of coffee, here's the first line of innovative products ...TEYCOFFEE.